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Preliminaries and sketch:

First meetings with clients to establish the framework of the project, define the needs, the estimated budget, the schedule. Survey of the existing. Clean up of the existing survey, plans, sections, facades in computer format and possibly a white 3D working model. Production of a sketch file with several proposals and variants based on the program defined by our clients.



Final Draft:

On the basis of the adjusted and validated sketch, we produce a final preliminary design file. This file includes plan and sectional drawings in 1/100 scale, and drawings of significant details at 1/50 scale and 3D images and mood-boards to visualize the proposed atmospheres.

We organize intermediate working meeting (s) with our clients and our design offices when necessary. We carry out an indicative pre-costing.

Work Declaration or Building Permit file:

We take care of all the necessary documents for the declaration of work or the building permit of the project. If necessary, we make an appointment with the city's architects to present the project before submission and we follow the instruction until its validation.

Furniture and design file:

At the request of customers, we take care of the study, prescription and supply of furniture and various decorative pieces, new or antique, to perfectly harmonize the project (sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs, chandeliers, cushions, sheets, mats, integrated sound systems etc ...). This file will be produced in the same way for the other phases, but with separate costing. We plan several meetings with clients to establish a choice of parts perfectly sized, adapted and ingested to the project in progress.

Business Consultation File:

On the basis of the APD file validated by our customers, we produce a file intended for consultation with companies. This file includes all the graphic and written documents for a full understanding of the validated project. It describes all the elements of the construction, the nature and characteristics of all the structural elements and all the technical equipment. It specifies the layout of the locations and evacuations of all fluids (electricity, water and heating). It also specifies all the materials and treatment of all the surfaces affected by the work.



Analysis of offers:

We will assist our customers in analyzing the offers (quotes) submitted by the companies and check that the offer corresponds perfectly to our request. We establish a global costing based on the offers, propose variants or adjustments if necessary, and then validate the works contract with our customers.

Works contracts:

Based on the analysis of the offers validated by our customers, we establish the Works Contract file. This file will be produced on the basis of the Business consultation file with any modifications incorporated. We also establish the contractual written documents for signature (CCTP, order of services and planning) to ensure the smooth running of the site.

Direction of the execution of the Works - Site monitoring:

We organize weekly site meetings every week for the duration of the work. A site report will be produced after each weekly meeting. We verify the companies follow the agreed schedule and establish payment certificates for their work situation (invoices).

Assistance at reception:

We organize work acceptance meetings with the drafting of the acceptance report including reservations if necessary. Monitoring and lifting of reservations. We reserve the right to regroup and reorganize some of these phases according to the nature of the project and when the schedule defined by the clients requests it.

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Architecture, Interior and Design

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